Koh Khrok - A Highlight of Koh Khrok Island Pattaya

A Highlight of Koh Khrok Island Pattaya

Diving on Koh Khrok Island in Pattaya

Pattaya Islands - A Highlight of Koh Khrok Island PattayaThe tiny island of Koh Khrok is visible from the main beach of Jomtien, because it’s only about 8km from the main coast. This island is the perfect scuba diver spot because it’s home to about 5 or 6 turtles. Koh Khrok also has the largest area of Anenome beds including their “Nemos” out of any of the Pattaya Islands. It’s great for snorkeling too.

The Marine Life

Although it is considered most popular for spotting Turtles and the Anenomes, there is a huge variety of soft and hard corals and marine life that live on the reef for you to see.  Let’s have a little look into some of our friends who populate the reef.

The White-Spotted Boxfish

BoxfishThey normally live in Indian and Pacific Oceans at depths of 1 to 30m. The Boxfish can grow to a length of 25cm and males and females differ in their colors. Males are blackish on the back with white spots, and have bluish sides with bright yellowish bands and spots.

Female Boxfish and their juveniles are dark brown to blackish with white spots. They are really shy and will try avoid divers.

The Seamoth

SeamothSeamoths are amazing and pretty weird to see underwater. They look just like land Moths, but can “walk” across the sea bottom. It’s all thanks to their modified pelvic fins. Poor things don’t have any teeth, but their mouths are highly specialized.

They form a tube like mouth so they can suck worms and other small invertebrates from their holes. They molt as often as every 5 days. Keep an eye out on the reef for these amazing critters, they have an art to camouflage.


TurtleEveryone loves Turtles, especially the ones at Kho Khrok. You’ve got the big boy resting on his coral bed getting cleaned at the cleaning station. The smaller ones close by or sleeping in their caves. It’s very common to be diving along and bump into one swimming around.

They are very friendly and aren’t afraid of divers. You will often find them striking poses for the camera, or swim straight through one of your photos.

In a Nutshell

All in all, Koh Khrok is a lovely island. It’s great for drift diving, underwater photography or lazy diving days. Here’s some great shots from marine life and corals on the island. See you soon for some diving, and keep an eye out on our promos or events.

All photos courtesy of Simon Gardener (thank you)

Koh Krok

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By Sheena Walls News