Koh Sak Mermaids

A Highlight of Koh Sak Island Pattaya

Diving on Koh Sak Island in Pattaya

Pattaya Islands - A Highlight of Koh Khrok Island PattayaOn the map 600m to south of Koh Larn and about 10km to the west of Pattaya lies Koh Sak. The island has rocky shores< however it has two main beaches. One on the North Side about 250m long and one on the South Side at about 80m long.

Koh Sak attracts divers and snorkeling lovers alike. Because of its “horseshoe” shape this island has a bay protected from the winds.

In the south of the island there is a coral reef stretching along the seashore, so this place is suitable for both professional and beginner divers. There is very little strong current. Not a diver? in addition, it’s great for snorkeling and you can snorkel to the beach from the boat.

The Marine Life

At Koh Sak you can see many colorful fish and amazing corals. In addition, there are other interesting sea creatures. With it’s great sandy area, you can find anything ranging from Octopus, Seahorses and the real deal “Nemos”. On the coral reef, there’s Moray Eels, Blue Spotted Rays and Turtles. There are some great rock formations on the point and gully’s where the Turtles hang out.

The Octopus

Night Dive at Koh Sak IslandOne of our favorite’s has to be the Octopus. Octopuses have three hearts. There’s one to circulate the blood round the body and two that pump it through each of the two gills. Octopus blood contains the copper-rich protein haemocyanin to transport oxygen.

Wow. Awesome fact – they also have 9 brains, just one more than their legs. They are also the master of hiding, so keep an eye in crevices and on the sand.

The Seahorse

Scuba diving in PattayaThese amazing little creatures are covered with bony plates, not scales. Seahorses prefer to swim upright and in pairs with their tails linked together. For protection, they avoid predators by camouflaging themselves to either underwater plants or corals.

Few marine predators eat the seahorse except for a few crabs, and there are about 40 known species of Seahorse. Look out on the hard corals for them.

The Blue Spotted Ray

Blue Spotted RayPart of the Ray family, with beautiful blue markings on them. This is to warn their enemies of how venomous the Blue Spotted Ray is. They are very easy to spot in the open, unless, they are hiding themselves under the sand or a rock formation.

Found on most of the dive sites in Pattaya. They have long tails and some have an elongated-oval, brightly blue-spotted body often with a blue side stripe down its tail.

In a Nutshell

All in all, Koh Sak is a lovely island. It’s great for drift diving, PADI FISH ID Speciality  or lazy diving days. Here’s some great shots from marine life and corals on the island. See you soon for some diving, and keep an eye out on our promos or events.

All photos courtesy of Simon Gardener (thank you)

Koh Sak
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By Sheena Walls News