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A Highlight on Koh Rong Nang Samaesan

Diving on Koh Rong Nang in Samaesan

Samaesan Dive SitesSamaesan located in the area of Sattahip, is probably one of our best diving areas. It’s an active fishing pier and bustling with activity when you arrive on the morning. Located just 50 minutes from our center in Jomtien, it’s well worth the visit and it’s great for snorkeling too.

The Coral Life

It’s not far from the famous WW2 shipwreck, The Hardeep and is home to some spectacular corals. Koh Rong Nang pretty much has it all,  including amazing marine life. In addition, corals come in different shapes and sizes, however, they can also be hard or soft. Let’s have a look at some of their features.

The Barrel Sponge

Barrel SpongeWe see them everywhere and they come in colors of gray, brown, red-brown or rose purple. The Barrel Sponge has a jagged, stone hard exterior but inside it’s brittle and can crumble or break. Giant Barrel Sponges can reach a huge diameter of up to 2m. Ideal for marine life to hide away in, so next time you see one, take a peak inside, you never know what you’ll see.

Fact: Barrel Sponges only grown about 1.5cm per year and when young look cone shaped with the base broader than the top. They love being in mid to deep coral reefs and in muddy sand bottoms in the deeper water.

Whip Coral

Sea WhipWhip Coral is mainly found on rocks, reefs and other hard surfaces. They can grow up to 2m tall and sometimes get in the way of diving. Be careful though, the long, slender, whip-like branches are covered with coral polyps. These branches are also home to tiny shrimp and more. As we near the whip, it will try and move out the way to protect itself.

Fact: The Whip Coral feeds on plankton and is often know by it’s nickname – the Sea Whip. Relations to the Sea Whip include Hydroids and Anemones. It is also an invertebrate and covered in tiny polyps.

Toadstool Coral

ToadstoolThe Common Toadstool Coral has to be the most well known and abundant soft coral. It looks like a  Toadstool or a Mushroom, making it easy to spot. Firm flesh, but easily torn and it’s rather plain in color, because of the flesh being yellow or tan. The polyps when extended can be tipped in green. They can can grow quite large, with mature males reaching 61 cm across, but the females,even more.

Fact: The Common Toadstool Coral is one of the hardiest of corals. They grow large and are known to be very fierce and aggressive to other corals, and won’t hesitate to to release venom on them.

In a Nutshell

Koh Rong Nang has it all. Corals, Marine Life and much more.  It’s also great for drift diving and doing the PADI underwater photography specialty. Here’s some great shots from marine life and corals on the island. See you soon for some diving, and keep an eye out on our promos or events.

All photos courtesy of Simon Gardener (thank you)

Ko Rong Nang

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By Sheena Walls News