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April 2017 Newsletter

Manta Rays and more on our dive trips near and far. This time we headed out to the Similan Islands for some unforgettable diving.

The majority of the group traveled down to Utapao Airport, which is conveniently located 45 minutes from Pattaya. The flight to Phuket takes about 1.5 hours and as the Bangkok flights landed at the same time, we were soon on our way to the boat.

The first evening on board the MV Aquatic was with pizza and and relaxing on the main deck or watching movies in the entertainment room. The boat itself was very comfortable with en suite bathrooms and plenty of room for everyone. The food was non stop and we had a great surf and turf BBQ on board one night. The crew were awesome and very helpful getting all young and older divers in and out the water. We were really spoilt.

The dive sites are amazing in the Similans with some beautiful islands. We were so lucky to be able to swim with a turtle right by the boat at Donald Duck Bay. There’s also an opportunity to go on this island and take a walk.

Similans 2017 Manta rays - April 2017 Newsletter

Our first 4 dives on the Similan Islands included the West of Eden and Elephant Head Rock. We spotted tons of Triggerfish, Lion Fish, Parrot Fish, Moray Eels and beautiful corals. The viability was about 25m and even a turtle made an appearance on the night dive.

Moving on to day two, we headed to the island of Koh Bon. We were told to expect Manta Rays – what we didn’t expect was that on all 3 dives we would be able to dive with 2 stunning Mantas. What a great day, a lot of people ticked a first and we were all happy. We also spotted a sea snake and loads of other marine life, but all anyone can seem to remember are the Mantas. The night dive was on Koh Tachai and for the younger divers, we found a giant group on the Ta Chai Reef.

Similans trip 2017 turtle - April 2017 Newsletter

Richleiu Rock is a world famous dive site and we can see why. It has everything in one place. A dive out to see the Seahorse, Ghost Pipe Fish, Lion Fish, Parrot Fish, Moray Eels and huge shoals of every fish you can imagine. We had such a great time here, we all decided to do our daily 4 dives on the rock. We were never bored, every dive offered something new and unique and it was probably our favorite site.

The decision to go back to Koh Bon on our forth and last day of the trip was unanimous. We wanted to dive with the Mantas again and even if it meant getting up at 5am, we were going to do it. We weren’t disappointed and there they were again. We got 2 dives with them, bringing this to a total of 5 dives out of 15 diving with Mantas. On the way back to the pier, we dived on the Boon Soon Wreck and spotted leopard moray eels, crayfish and more giant puffers.

The last night was spent in Phuket with dinner and the next day we traveled back home. We had such and awesome time on the boat. Great people, great dives and Mantas.

Enjoy our photos and keep up to date with us to book your space on the next trip.

Snapping the Perfect Pic Underwater

Similan Trip 2016 Macro - April 2017 Newsletter

Macro Photography emphasizes details, patterns and texture. This technique can give you rewarding and unique results. Macro photography is photography magnified. It is generally recognized as “macro” when you are increasing the size of an object in your picture from about half life-size, as represented on the image sensor, to five times life-size.

Do your PADI Digital Underwater Photography course with Instructor Boat. Here’s some of his recent work, we think you will be pretty impressed.

Similans Lion Fish - April 2017 Newsletter

See us at TDEX in Bangkok

TDEX 2017 - April 2017 Newsletter

Mermaids will be at TDEX, the Thailand Dive Exhibition taking place in the Queen Sirikit Center, Bangkok from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th May. Stop by our booth (P1 and P2) and come and say hi. We will have some very special diving offers happening.

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