Koh Chang Wreck diving trip
By Vladimir

Mermaids Diving Mail

Thanks for diving with the team at Mermaids Dive Center. We hope you have enjoyed all of our exciting dive trips and events so far in 2018. We've had thrilling wreck drift dives on the Hardeep right up to our popular Koh Chang Wreck and Liveaboard trips away. No one is left out, we've always …

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Regents International School Diving
By Vladimir

Regents International School Primary Round Square Week 2018

Today wraps up an amazing week with Regents International School Pattaya with the primary school students snorkeling with us for their round square program. Starting Tuesday with a pool session teaching them how to snorkel safely and getting them familiar with the equipment so that they would be ready for three days of oceanic adventure! …

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ISC Pattaya
By Sheena Walls

ISC Pattaya Open Day Fair

Join in on the fun at the International School of Pattaya on Thursday 14th June at the ISC Pattaya’s inaugural ‘Open Day Fair’. Your Mermaids Dive Center Team will be there. It’s a great way of bringing the school community together before school breaks up for the holidays. Join them from 1.30pm onwards and support …

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Mermaids Dive Center cuttlefish
By Sheena Walls

Cool Fish Facts #1 The Cuttlefish

The octopus is one of the most well-recognized animals in the sea, but what about their lesser-known cousins? Squid and cuttlefish may not get as many Hollywood roles as their eight-armed relatives, but they’re equally as interesting. Take a minute to explore these tentacled invertebrates—and learn how to tell them apart. Let’s start with what they …

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