nmp - The No Moon Party
By Vladimir

The No Moon Party

Diederik Beker, IDC-Staff Instructor: 259746 May 27th, 2010 A couple of days ago someone told me about a new event that Mermaids dive centre would be hosting. The events at Mermaids are always interesting so I decided to visit the dive centre and have a look. As soon as I heard what the event was …

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31474 - Mermaids-Round Square CleanUp Day
By Vladimir

Mermaids-Round Square CleanUp Day

Scuba Divers have a unique perspective of the underwater world, and see firsthand the crisis facing our underwater environments. Mermaids Dive Center in conjunction with the Regents School, Pattaya have designed a special clean up day for the International Round Square conference delegates. Mermaids Dive Center, Jomtien is a Go Eco Center committed to keeping …

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0001 - International CleanUp Day 2009
By Vladimir

International CleanUp Day 2009

For Immediate Release MERMAIDS DIVE CENTER SETS NEW RECORD IN PATTAYA Clean-up drive attracts more than 200 participants September 19, 2009—Mermaids Dive Center, a PADI 5-star Career Development Center based in Jomtien, Pattaya, held its annual Project AWARE International clean-up on the south beach and reef of Koh Sak Island today. Koh Sak is located …

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0013 - PADI IDC April 2009
By Vladimir

PADI IDC April 2009

Congratulations to PADI Instructors, John Childress, Iain Barnes, Will Zeal, Candice Bougie and Jackie Daugherty. Candice, Iain and Will joined Mermaids in December 2008 and Josh and Jackie in January 2009. Everyone has taken part in the activities we organise and Candice, Iain and Will thanks for the Bingo night and taking Yogi on his …

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WorldGems - US Navy League Bingo Night
By Vladimir

US Navy League Bingo Night

The US Navy League held a Bingo night on Friday 27th March 2009 to raise funds for the Chonburi School of the Deaf. Mermaids Dive Center, a Community Affiliate member joined this fantastic event to support this worthwhile cause. The bingoers included Sheena, Desi, Henry, Jon, Vicky, Barry, Will, Iain and Candice. A Thai style …

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Diver - Mermaids CleanUp Day March 2009
By Vladimir

Mermaids CleanUp Day March 2009

Mermaids Dive Center Clean Up crew once again made their difference to the local aquatic environment with this month’s underwater and beach cleanup taking place at Hat Nuan. Hat Nuan is one of Pattaya’s near islands with a beautiful beach and an uncompleted underwater restaurant popular with divers and snorkelers. As always we were fully …

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0012 - PADI IDC February 2009
By Vladimir

PADI IDC February 2009

Congratulations to PADI Instructors Mike Porteous, Stefan Cole, John Chambers, Wayne McKelvey, Andy “Joycey” Joyce, Shelley Slatkin, Andrew Fielder and Darren Shuttleworth. We welcomed back Mike who had done his DM internships with Mermaids and decided to come back to take part in the IDC and the wonderful Wayne who is just plain amazing. Both …

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