01October IE 09 - PADI IDC October 2009
By Sheena Walls

PADI IDC October 2009

Congratulations to PADI Instructors Sam Beer, Hannah Hughes, John Bishop, Riaan Lambrechts, Mike Rossi and Richard Linney. Sam and Hannah joined us in March 2009 from the UK, John arrived in April, Riaan from South Africa/New Zealand in May, Mike in September and Richard our non diver in February 2009. All the guys took part, …

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IMG 3782 - Underwater CleanUp
By Sheena Walls

Underwater CleanUp

Tomasz Sniadowski, MI-631566 On 26th May 2011, 21 enthusiastic volunteers from Mermaids Dive Center began their journey to South Rock at Koh Rinn located in the Pattaya Far Islands. The mission was to remove not only a large fishing net that covered the coral on one of our most beautiful dive sites in the area …

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steve - SB1 Memorial Day
By Sheena Walls

SB1 Memorial Day

This day is dedicated to Stephen Blumenthal, one of the previous owners of Mermaids Dive Center and a great driving force behind Mermaids and it many initiatives. Steve was the youngest Course Director in the history of PADI, and was from the beginning loved and respected by many. It is through him, that Mermaids continues …

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bh - Birmingham Dive Show 2010
By Sheena Walls

Birmingham Dive Show 2010

Mermaids CDC (PADI Career Development Center) feel that with the 10th anniversary of the conception of the all-inclusive dive training programs at the beginning of 2009 it’s a good time to showcase the dive internships abroad. The Dive Show Birmingham 2008 is at the Birmingham NEC, UK on November 1st and 2nd 2008 will be …

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df - Pattaya Dive Festival 2010
By Sheena Walls

Pattaya Dive Festival 2010

Pattaya Dive Festival, was created to get as many people in the water in Pattaya City area, to promote scuba diving and also create awareness of the need of marine preservation in Pattaya City area as well as promote other activities in the Pattaya City area. The event has been organized by Dive Indeed, Dive …

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nmp - The No Moon Party
By Sheena Walls

The No Moon Party

Diederik Beker, IDC-Staff Instructor: 259746 May 27th, 2010 A couple of days ago someone told me about a new event that Mermaids dive centre would be hosting. The events at Mermaids are always interesting so I decided to visit the dive centre and have a look. As soon as I heard what the event was …

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31474 - Mermaids-Round Square CleanUp Day
By Sheena Walls

Mermaids-Round Square CleanUp Day

Scuba Divers have a unique perspective of the underwater world, and see firsthand the crisis facing our underwater environments. Mermaids Dive Center in conjunction with the Regents School, Pattaya have designed a special clean up day for the International Round Square conference delegates. Mermaids Dive Center, Jomtien is a Go Eco Center committed to keeping …

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