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Choosing The Right Fins

Any dive professional or experienced scuba diver can tell you that dive equipment really does make the difference. Be it something necessary for scuba like a BCD or something that seems less so, like a torch or accessory. No matter how important or trivial a piece of equipment may seem, there is a reason it was invented in the first place.

Today we will be breaking down 3 of our most popular fins. The Apex RK3, the Aqua Lung X-Shot, and the Scuba Pro Jet Fin.  

Why Apex?

The RK3s are a short, medium torque fin. Making them ideal for wreck diving as well as diving in moderate to low current. Perfect for diving on the Hardeep and Khram Shipwrecks.

Why Aqua Lung?

The X-Shots are a long fin that provide extra power when diving in open ocean with moderate to high current. Perfect for diving on the coral sites in Pattaya and Samaesan.

Why Scuba Pro?

The Jet Fins are a short, high torque fin. Durable and stiff making them great for wreck and technical scuba diving. Perfect for diving on the HArdeep and Khram Shipwrecks and when you do your PADI Tec Rec Courses.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a personal review from one of our divers on the Apeks RK3’s.

When it comes to scuba, finding the right equipment for you makes all the difference. When I first started my dive career, I didn’t truly understand this concept. Especially about something as trivial as fins. This understanding would change after spending time in the after every day and being able to try out different styles. Fins have more aspects that add to their value than people think. Durability, size, and comfortably. All of these factors play a role in choosing a fin that is the one for you.

My daily fin as a diver is the Apex RK3. The RK3 is all the best qualities of a fin rolled into one! It is a short fin that makes it great for maneuvering through wreck penetration. Even with the convenience of being a shorter fin, the RK3 doesn’t sacrifice the much-needed torque for diving in moderate to high current. Allowing you to glide through the water with much less effort than other styles. Usually fins that offer good power have to be ridged or stiff. This usually means they will be less comfortable. The RK3 provides the right combination of comfort while providing adequate power for divers of all levels. Last but not least, durability. To wrap that side up, I have completed over 600 dives using my RK3s and they are still everything I could want. As an added bonus these fins are equipped with an “open spring heal”. Superior to a traditional adjustable strap, the spring heal adds an extra measure of comfort and ease while taking them on and off.   

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