Dive with Turtle Pattaya - Dive with Turtles in Pattaya Thailand

Dive with Turtles in Pattaya Thailand

Dive with Turtles in Pattaya Thailand.

Did you know that with Mermaids Dive Center you can dive with turtles in Pattaya, Thailand on almost all of our dive sites?

Turtles are the most placid marine life to dive with and if you are an avid photographer, you can spend a lot of time with them. PADI offer a whole range of courses to help you dive successfully with Turtles. One of the best ones to create your memories is the PADI Digital Underwater Photography Course. This course is amazing and fun and we will teach you how to get that perfect Turtle shot.

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So let’s get a small snapshot on our beloved Turtles and how you can Dive with Turtles in Pattaya Thailand.

Their make up

Being reptiles, turtleshave really hard shells which will protect them from predators. They are also amongst the oldest groups of reptiles, having evolve from millions of years ago. Turtles can survive in almost every type of climate all over the world.

As they spend most of their their time in the water, they are made for aquatic life with their webbed feet or most commonly known as “flippers”

There is no average size as there are so many different types of turtles, but on of the largest known is the Leatherback Turtle. It can weigh up to 680 kg’s and about 160cm in length. Around the world, it is know for them in certain areas to grow up to 180cm. Sea Turtles will only leave the ocean to lay eggs in the sand

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Why do they lay their eggs in the sand?

The female turtle will leave the sea at night and look for a suitable nesting place. She is searching for somewhere dark and quiet. She begins to dig a pit for her body using all of her flippers. Once she has made the body pit, she will dig an egg chamber using her rear flippers.

Once she starts laying eggs they will almost fill the chamber and she will cover them with sand until they are completely covered. She will gently pat the damp sand on top of her eggs using the underside of her shell. Next up id what’s called the camoflauge stage. She moves forward very slowly and throws dry surface sand behind her. This is to conceal the location of her eggs from predators. Once complete with this stage, she will head back to the sea.

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What happens to the eggs?

The turtle will never tend to the nest and will never return to it. Once the eggs have hatched, the little turtles are left to fend for themselves and find the sea. Sea turtles are attracted to light and are usually guided by the moonlight reflecting on the sea. Turtles avoid darkness where predators could be lying in wait.

We hope you enjoyed our Turtle section and to check them out, come dive with Turtles in Pattaya Thailand and Mermaids Dive Center on any of our day trips, we dive every day and have the best lunch on board.

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