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Diving in Pattaya – The Highlights

Highlights of Scuba Diving Pattaya, Thailand

Welcome to diving in Pattaya! Did you know that Pattaya has a multitude of incredible dive sites which offer reefs, wrecks and a plethora of marine life? For anyone who is staying in Pattaya, or looking for a break away from Bangkok, Pattaya has a lot to see – one trip is never enough which is why divers come back to us time and time again.

It’s impossible to detail every dive site in one Blog but he we will share with you some of our favourites and what makes them so special – we hope you enjoy reading and we look forward to diving in Pattaya with you soon!

Diving Pattaya – The Far Islands

The Far Islands are an incredible ring of islands which are located around 25 kilometers from Pattaya. These islands are near pristine as they are controlled by the Government and no permanent buildings can be constructed here – making them just as nature intended. Around the Far Islands we have approximately 20 different dive sites to choose from so whatever the weather, we can always find sites with good conditions for divers of all levels. The Far Islands comprise of Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Keung Badaan, Koh Hu Chang and Koh Phi.

To the south of Koh Phi is one of our favourite wreck dive sites – the HTMS Khram. The wreck was sunk deliberately to create an artificial reef and we are pleased to report that it has already attracted an abundance of marine life. It’s also a great wreck to explore!

Conditions around the Far Islands are good all year round, with visibility stretching up to 15 meters on good days. Water temperatures are tropical and due to the location of the islands we have plenty of options to choose from to dive in the best conditions.

When diving the Far Islands common marine life sightings include moray eels, lionfish, jacks, barracuda, the odd looking porcupine pufferfish and look out for spotted stingrays on the sand and underneath rocks and coral formations.

Diving Pattaya – Samae San / Sattahip Area

This region is home to two phenomenal wrecks dives. The first one is the world famous S.S. Suddhadib shipwreck – which some of you may know better as the Hardeep wreck. Confused? The ship was originally called the SS Suddhadib but after she sank and divers began exploring her they nicknamed her the “Hardeep”. For full information about the wreck, wreck diving specialties and diving the Hardeep click here.

The Samae San region, just like the Far Islands, is suitable for all levels and if you want to get certified while you are with us – or develop your skills with an advanced level course, we offer the full range of PADI Courses in Pattaya from beginners through to Pro levels.


See what our recent guests say about us:

Fantastic Experience by Millie_aB7 ( 5 stars – TripAdvisor)

 At the door we were greeted with exceptional service before being driven to the boat, as a complete novice to scuba diving accompanied by a more experienced partner, I found the Mermaids diving experience fantastic. Even though I was slightly nervous, our leader/instructor (Wayne) made me feel very safe and his instructions were clear and easy to understand. We went for two dives at two different, beautiful locations with a wholesome, delicious lunch in between. The diving itself was fun and amazing, and an awesome experience that was great value for money, and one which I would recommend to anyone. Thank you to Mermaids for a fantastic day and a great experience!”

So what are you waiting for? Dive Pattaya today! To make a reservation or for more information, contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

We look forward to scuba diving Pattaya with you soon!




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