Bremen Shipwreck

Diving the Bremen Shipwreck

We all know it as the Diving on the Bremen Shipwreck. We headed out on the 2nd November 2019 to dive it again. You have to have great conditions to get out this ship. The second proved better than the first, but we were able to get a great view of the wreck.

Let’s take a look at the history of this lesser known wreck in the area.


Shipwreck diving with mermaidsOriginally built in 1901 by the Gerog Seebeck Shipyard in Germany, she was officially called the Steamship Petchaburi.

The Bremen with it’s triple expansion steam engine (1150HP) has a gross tonnage of 2191 and is 88.5m in length and 11.9m wide. Speed was 12.5 nautical miles per hour and housed a crew of about 34.
On the 24th September 1901, the ship was launched under the name Petchaburi for the Norddeutshcer Lloyd Company in Bremen.

The Sinking

In August 1914, at the beginning of WW1, the Petchaburi was interned in Bangkok. Confiscated by the Siam Government in July 1917 she was renamed Kaeo-Samud. In December 1920, on a voyage from Bangkok, she ran ashore near Sattahip, the Gulf of Siam (Ko Kram Yai) and sank. On board was a cargo of rice.

The Bangkok Times of December 31, 1920 stated that the Kaeo Samud left Ko Sichang at 11 a.m. on Bremen Mermaids Trip1 150x150 - Diving the Bremen Shipwreck Monday 27th December outward bound for Swatow. At 3 p.m. she struck on an unchartered rock. The chart showed 25.6 meters of water and the ship herself was heavily laden drawing 6.30m.

She struck on the port side, and made water so fast that the captain decided the only possible thing was try to and beach the ship, but in this he was unsuccessful.

The vessel sank practically on an even keel, in ten fathoms of water at 3 p.m. It was impossible to beach the vessel at Koh I Ran nearby, that being a rocky island with deep water.

Shipwreck diving MermaidsIn February 1921, a Naval Surveyor discovered the uncharted rock.

Thanks for joining us on this trip and we look forward to seeing you Diving on the Bremen Shipwreck the next time. Don’t forget, we also have the Hardeep, Khram and Kut Shipwrecks on our doorstep to dive and we highly recommend doing your PADI Wreck Specialty to get the most of out of them.
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By Sheena Walls News