Two dives on the Bremen Wreck

Diving the Bremen Wreck

We need really good conditions to get out to the Bremen Wreck and the 10th November 2018 was just prefect for this day trip out for our local divers.

The Petchburi Bremen was built in Germany and has a length of 88.5m. She was confiscated by Thailand in 1917 and sank sailing from Bangkok to Swatow due to an engine room fire on 27th December 1920 in a channel of water that is hard to dive. Sitting at 24m, it’s an interesting dive site for sure.

We arrived at Samaesan to meet up with everyone and we started to make our way out to the Bremen. It was an awesome trip out with calm seas and lots of excitement from everyone on board. When we got there, there was a fishing boat but they left 10 minutes later, leaving us all alone to dive this wreck.

A great job by Captain Maow and Bay on Mermaids 1 for setting the anchor on the first attempt. Wayne and his group jumped in first down the line. All dive groups soon followed with a 5 minute interval between each to avoid any congestion. There was a little bit of current and vizability wasn’t that great but didn’t hamper any of the divers.

We go the basic layout of the wreck and there was tons of fish on it. We moved over to an island for an excellent lunch prepared by cookie. After a surface interval, it was time to get back in again for the second dive.

This time it was slack current and better vizability and the wreck was once again teaming with large shoals of fish. We started searching for the bath tubs that one of our divers from Bangkok had spoken about but we couldn’t find them but we did find the bathroom tiles that are still in place.

Thanks to all divers who joined us and to The Regents Dive Club who were out on their monthly dive.

All in all, a great fun dive trip and we can’t wait to get back out there soon again.


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By Sheena Walls News