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From Texas to Thailand #2 Discover Scuba Diving

There I was, with my plans derailed, my optimism challenged and the choice of my next step unclear. After purchasing the basic set of snorkeling equipment from Mermaids Dive Center, I obtained a sense of their professionalism and knowledge. It was because of these characteristics; the only sensible option was to explore what else Mermaids had to offer.

After doing a bit of my own research, I decided to reach out and contact the dive shop directly via Email. I quickly received a response giving me all the information on what an internship entailed; and with that, I was certain about my next step. However, I still needed a little more encouragement to call this place my home for the entirety of my internship.

Believe it or not, even though I knew with all of my heart that diving was my calling, I had never actually been on an actual dive before in my life. Growing up I had always been around water, be it the lakes or the Gulf of Mexico, doing things like sport fishing, sailing, kayaking, water skiing and more. So, I knew I would feel at home in the water. To try out submerging myself in the underwater world and getting a feel for a day to day at the dive shop I decided to sign up to experience a Discover Scuba Diving – aka, the DSD experience.

Despite knowing that I would be fully comfortable in the water, my nerves were still high that morning. I arrived at the dive shop a little earlier than requested and was greeted with a smile, a handshake and the infamous DSD paperwork to get my brain juices flowing. Shortly after, my instructor and I sorted out some rental equipment and before I knew it I was on a bus headed to the day’s diving destination – Samaesan.  We arrived at the pier after a short bus ride, loaded onto the boat and was introduced to all the staff during the morning boat brief and then we were off to the first dive site of the day.

Whilst preparing my kit with my instructor, I expressed a certain level of nervousness. After my kit was set up, he then made me a cup of coffee, sat me down and not only gave me a briefing on what we were going to do, but also eased – if not removed – all the sense of anxiety I had built up.

Finally, it was time to literally take my first ever giant stride into the underwater world…

To be continued


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By Sheena Walls From Texas To Thailand News