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From Texas To Thailand #3 Open Water to Advanced

As I slowly descended away from my familiar surroundings, I was captivated by all these new sensations. Being completely engulfed by water, to me, was like taking your training wheels off for the first time; wobbly and unsteady at first, but as time went on it began to feel like second nature to me.

The feeling of being weightless was probably the most liberating part of my initial thoughts. Being able to glide through the water like an eagle would soar through the sky was a sensation that I had never felt before. In that moment, it seemed like everything was in slow motion. As soon as I got my physical bearings about me, I was able to absorb the beauty of all the marine life decorating the sea floor. Everything from the saturated colors scattered everywhere around me, to the alien like shapes of coral that resembled nothing I had ever seen before – I was mesmerized. I was overwhelmed with the thirst for more. After such a memorable experience, I then realized that diving was the passion I had always been searching for and I would do whatever it takes to make these sensations an everyday occurrence.

Needless to say, the decision on taking the PADI Dive Master internship with Mermaids was a no brainer. Being that I had never been diving much less certified, I was on what professional divers called the “Zero to Hero” plan – starting from an uncertified diver, and then ascending into becoming a PADI Professional. The first step of the internship was completing my PADI Open Water course. The PADI Open Water course gives the unexperienced diver a chance to understand the basic knowledge and skills of a certified scuba diver. Being as enthusiastic as I was, my Open Water course seemed to fly by because I was eager to learn. Shortly after, came my Advanced Open Water course where I fine-tuned those diver skills I had previously learned. In addition to that, I also I received training to dive deeper than ever before, experiencing the ship wrecks offered by Mermaids that I had been eager to explore.

Following that, the PADI Rescue Diver course was next on the agenda. I had heard from many experienced divers that the Rescue Diver course would prove to not only be a course that expanded my own awareness of safety, but most of all the safety of those around me. Nevertheless, against all the advice I had previously received, I never realized just how crucial the Rescue Diver Course would be to my career as a PADI Professional.

To be continued…


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By Sheena Walls From Texas To Thailand News