Scuba diving in Pattaya

From Texas To Thailand #4 Rescue Course

PADI Rescue Course

During my internship thus far, I spent a lot of time on the boat or in the pool with fellow divers. As my time and experience increases in these environments, I started to notice the potential hazards that divers are exposed to. As I would come to find out, the PADI Rescue Diver course would provide me with the skills and knowledge to react in the highly unlikely event of an emergency situation. Because of this, the rescue course would end up becoming my favorite recreational diving course.

Day one consisted of classroom work. Luckily, I had a fellow trainee that was about to join me on the course. Having a buddy on the course with me made it more engaging and energetic.

Day two was time to apply what we learned in the classroom out on the boat in a realistic setting. Our instructor initially question us not only on potential hazards, but potential solutions as well. For example, life jackets and rings aren’t the only means of flotation devices. Things like chair cushions and BCD’s shouldn’t be ruled out when needing something fast. Next was applying our skills in the water such as finding a missing buddy, panicked diver, buddy tows. All of our skills would be put to the test on the infamous “scenarios day”.

Day three or Scenarios day, is the last part of becoming a PADI Rescue Diver. It is a day where no one was off limits on being a potential victim that needed to be rescued. For example, the instructor will tell other trainees or interns to jump in the water unexpectedly and acting like a mad man on the surface. Creating real scenarios would force us, the trainees, to use all of our learned skills to react. Because of this, through out the day i rarely took off my wetsuit or has my fins and mask out of hands reach. Running about the boat, watching everyone like a hawk in the fear that would do something ridiculous at any moment.

Even though our skills were tested and we were put in the spot light, we loved ever second of it. By the end of the course, not only did my skills to help others increase, but so did my confidence as a diver.

Next up, Divemaster course. The first professional step towards my dream!

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