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From Texas to Thailand #1 My Scuba Journey

Hello everyone! my name is Tex! For those who don’t know me I am Michael Chambers, I am from Texas… for those who do know me… I’m sorry. A few years back, I was working a steady job, living a normal life in my home state – Texas. I’ve always been ambitious and open minded and being content with my life, although I always felt like there was something more.. something bigger than myself.

It was that intuition that guided me to take the leap of faith and pursue a life outside of my comfort zone. Being a person that always needs a plan, I came to the conclusion that traveling abroad would require a constructive goal. After much thought and deliberation, I found diving would be the most rewarding. 310807 2697416840686 1287191346 n 300x216 - From Texas to Thailand #1 My Scuba Journey

Apart from having done a few trips to Mexico, growing up I had never really travelled outside of the United States. I definitely never planned on living in a completely different hemisphere. Upon my arrival to Thailand, I had realized a huge shift in language, culture and all-around way of life. Never have I ever felt so small whilst my eyes were opened to such an unfamiliar corner of the world.

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My original plan was to start my journey as a diver by taking a diving internship in the widely known area of Phuket. Through of a series of unforeseen circumstances, my set path diverted from its original course – landing me to call the city of Pattaya my home.

Still holding true to diving being the base of my travels, a friend I was living with recommended a dive shop by the name of Mermaids Dive Center. I originally arrived at the shop on a sunny day, with the hopes of obtaining a basic set of snorkeling gear. Little did I know Mermaids was going to be a catalyst in my trajectory into the world of diving.

To be continued…




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By Sheena Walls From Texas To Thailand News