Happy New Year Pattaya City

Happy New Year Pattaya City from the Mermaids Dive Center Team.

We’ve had an amazing 2019 and we are looking forward to diving in 2020 with you.

As adults, we know we can dive at any time, but if you have children and not sure about the diving age, they can start diving at 8. And, you can never be too old to dive. Not sure what to do and the limits, here’s a great breakdown for you to look at.

PADI Seal TeamAges 8-10

Did you know that you can do the PADI Bubblemaker and Seal Team program from the age of 8. You don’t have to wait until you are 10 to do the Open Water Course.

The Bubblemaker Program gets you familiar with Scuba Diving Equipment and how to dive. The depth limit is 2m and a great way to start your young one off for diving.

The PADI Seal Team covers some great Aquamissions and you can learn about Underwater Navigation, Photography and being a safe diver. The PADI Seal Team also prepares you for your next step on to the PADI Open Water Course.

Ages 10-12

Kids diving Mermaids PattayaThe PADI Open Water Course starts at the age of 10 upwards. Here you will learn the fundamentals of Scuba Diving. You get to have a class and pool session with your PADI Instructor and then spend 2 days in the ocean practicing everything you have learnt.

There’s also a PADI Certification Card to show all your friends and opens up diving anywhere in the world to you.

Ages 12-15

Night Dive MermaidsThe PADI Advanced Open Water Course is open to you now and here, you will learn about different types of diving. Go Deep, Navigate and maybe so some cool drift dives. You get 2 days in the ocean with your Instructor with 5 dives in total. You can also do Some Night Diving and get to check out all the critters that come out. The most popular are squid and octopus.

The PADI Rescue Diver Course is a great course to learn about diver rescue scenarios and how to deal with situations that may occur on the boat. You will also get a 1st AID and CPR certificate to go with this course.

Then after these courses, all you need are 5 PADI Specialty Courses, 50 Dives and  you can earn the rating of PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver. This is the highest non Professional Rating you can gain. It’s like a black belt in Karate, only better as Karate people can’t breathe underwater.

Age 15

Now you can start doing PADI Specialties like a Deep Dive to 40m or Wreck Penetration. Your Junior days are over. Don’t forget, fun dive in between, take a trip or 2, get your parents involved as well. Scuba Diving with Mermaids is a great family activity. Everyone can enjoy it.

Please note that there are depth limits for certain ages, please ask us.

There’s lots of events, trips and activities coming up during 2020 and to see a highlight of some, check them out here. Or, you can always keep yourself posted on our facebook page, we update our events all the time. We can’t wait for all the exciting trips coming up real soon.

Happy New Year Pattaya City from the Mermaids Team.


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By Sheena Walls News