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Get PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Certified and Dive the Hardeep in Pattaya

Are you planning your next (or first) scuba diving trip to Pattaya? Are you a wreck diving enthusiastic? Did you know that when you are diving in Pattaya some of the best wreck dives in Thailand are on your doorstep?

One of Pattaya’s, if not Thailand’s, most famous wreck dives of all is right here! The Hardeep Wreck is steeped in history, home to an abundance of marine life – and it’s one of our favourite dive sites. This is one Pattaya dive site which is not to be missed!

This phenomenal wreck was actually previously called the S.S. SUDDHADIB but today she is better known as the Hardeep. Seventy years ago she was a 70 metre freight and passenger steam ship and unlike many other wrecks which have been sunk to create artificial reefs, the Hardeep was actually bombed on 1st of June 1945 by The British RAF (Royal Air Force).

What finally caused her to sink is still open to speculation but during that fateful morning in 1945, while fires rages aboard the Suddhadib, it is thought that it was not the fires or a bomb explosion which caused her to sink. If the bombs had exploded she would have been blown to pieces and wouldn’t be the incredible wreck which she is to dive now! More than likely, one bomb penetrated her hull causing her to take on excess water.

She became known as the Hardeep after she found her final resting place on the ocean floor and it was scuba divers in Pattaya that actually renamed her! Her new name came from divers believing she was a “hard and deep” wreck to dive but she is now recognised for being a fantastic dive and one can be exciting, relaxing and safe!

With our years of experience in diving Pattaya we know when to dive and when timed right you’ll find yourself enjoying the mystique atmosphere of the wreck whilst gazing in awe at the aquatic life that has made this wreck site their home.

She now lays on her side at between 28 – 30 meters so she is a wreck for those with their Advanced Open Water certifications or above. If you are not yet Advanced certified, why not take your PADI Advanced Open Water Course while you are here? You’ll enjoy 5 phenomenal dives here in Pattaya and get certified to 30 meters!

The wreck is famous for it’s incredible penetration opportunities for those who have their wreck diving specialty certifications. Not yet wreck certified? Not a problem – take it with us here in Pattaya. During your PADI Wreck Diving Specialty you’ll learn how to plan a wreck dive, how to navigate a wreck and you’ll learn how to safely penetrate a wreck! It’s an incredible course and will open up a plethora of wrecks around the world for you to explore! When diving the Hardeep, the 2 large cargo holes as well as the boiler room located in the center of the ship are all easily penetrable and the cabins at the bow and stern offer grounds for exploration. The Hardeep can be swum internally from bow to stern!

Marine life flocks to this wreck like metal to a magnet and when diving here expect to see numerous nudibranch and crabs, batfish, large groupers, angelfish, blue spotted sting rays, lionfish, sweetlips and a host of smaller, colourful reef fish.

Are you ready to dive the Hardeep? Contact us to sign up for the PADI Wreck Diving Specialty or to fun dive Pattaya with us!

We look forward to diving with you soon!

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By Sheena Walls News