Mermaids Dive Center Clean Up 2019

International Clean Up Pattaya Beach 28th September 2019

Our 3rd week of International Clean Up Pattaya Beach and Reef

Here at Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya, September is all about International Clean Up Pattaya Beach and Reef.

This week we had an amazing turn out of students, parents and staff from Regents International School Pattaya. And from Bangkok, Bromsgrove International School, Garden International School and International School of Bangkok!

As we headed out to our adopted dive site of Koh Sak, we had a mixture of 150 divers, snorkelers and beach cleaners.  Spread across 3 boats and the weather was once again in our favour. For what promised to be an exciting and productive day ahead!

The Logistics

Once our 3 boats were safely moored, our Snorkeling teams jumped in and started collecting trash from the shallow waters. Then everyone headed to the beach led by our snorkel guides. Our non-swimmers for the day, boarded our separate safety speedboat. Ferried straight to the beach to begin the Beach Clean Up. The Scuba Diving teams readied their equipment, jumped in and began the Underwater Clean Up!

Beach Clean Up Mermaids Dive CenterAll three teams actively scoured the surrounding areas in their chosen locations. Removing harmful debris from our local environment, then before we knew it, it was time for all to head back to the boats. we enjoyed fantastic lunch and a well deserved break.

The cry for sustaining our oceans, seas and beaches is a loud one all across the globe. When people come together to help protect the environment. Reduce waste.

Lets encourage the balance of marine ecosystems, we can become a force to be reckoned with. We here at Mermaids Dive Center are no different! We want to help better the future of our oceans. Protect marine life and our Pattaya community right here in Thailand.

The Results

This week, we collected over a whopping 700kg of trash. This included – plastic bottles, plastic bags, fishing equipment, food tins, glass bottles, plastic straws and so much more.

Mermaids Dive Center Beach Clean Up

What a fantastic accomplishment!

Thank you to everybody from Garden International School Bangkok, Regents International School Pattaya, Bromsgrove International School and International School of Bangkok for your amazing contribution today!

Dive with us too, here’s where we go. We go diving everyday at Samaesan or Pattaya.

Look at our full photo album from the day at our  Mermaids Facebook Page.

Written by: Jade Louise Hollier

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By Sheena Walls News