International Clean Up Day Pattaya Mermaids Dive Center

International Clean Up Pattaya Day 14th September 2019

Mermaids Dive Center Clean Up The Reef

It’s that time of the year again! International Clean Up Day Pattaya has arrived.

With a focus on ocean conservation, restoration and the clean-up of our beaches. Every year we participate in Project Aware with some amazing International schools. They are from all over Thailand to ensure the protection of our oceanic environment. International Clean Up Day Pattaya is a great way to do this.

We always have such a great time here at Mermaids Dive Center, Pattaya with our Beach Clean Up
days. We will continue to strive for positive development to our underwater world and our local
Pattaya Community.Beach Clean Up Pattaya Mermaids Dive Center

What Did We Do?

Witnessing students actively learning about this crucial subject, really does make a huge difference. The students become aware of their own attitudes towards waste and reusable plastics. And can also take their new found knowledge back home to share with friends and family.

For our first clean-up of the year, we had both students and staff from St. Andrews International School Bangkok and also Bangkok Patana School.

As always, for our clean-up days, we headed out to our adopted Project Aware dive site of Koh Sak. Spread across 3 boats were a mixture of 145 divers, snorkelers and beach cleaners. They all worked together to help make promising change.

Once our boats were moored, our Snorkeling teams jumped in and headed to the beach, led by our snorkel guides. Picking up trash in the shallow waters along the way. Our scuba divers for the day jumped in to begin the Underwater Clean Up. Diving in the immediate area around the south side of the island.  Our non-swimmers prepared to board our separate safety speedboat, to be taxied straight to the beach to begin the clean-up on land.

Beach Clean Up Pattaya Beach Clean Up Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya

Once our Scuba Diving teams returned from their first dive, it was time for everybody – including the snorkelers and beach cleaners, to head back to the boats. Time for some well deserved lunch, relaxation and a group photo.

And after lunch? More cleaning of course!

How did we do?

This week we collectively seized over 300kg of trash. Most of which consisted of glass bottles, plastic bottles, debris, clothing, playing cards, fishing equipment, plastic bags, food tins, plastic straws and much, much more.

2019 marks the 12th year for Mermaids Dive Center of actively cleaning the dive site and beach area. We cannot thank the students and staff of St. Andrews International School Bangkok and Bangkok Patana School enough. Most importantly, it’s their motivation and dedication to join together with us to make a force for good!

Look at our full photo album on International Clean Up Pattaya Day, check out our Mermaids Facebook Page. Dive with us too, here’s where we go.

Written by: Jade Louise Hollier

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