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International Clean Up The Reef/Beach Events in September 19

Clean Up with Mermaids Dive Center in Jomtien

Why do you love diving? Is it because of the incredible marine life that you see underwater? Or perhaps it’s the vibrant colourful coral reefs? Do you want to help preserve these amazing environments and their inhabitants for future generations? You can!

At Mermaids we firmly believe in looking after the ocean and reefs that bring us so much enjoyment and memorable experiences on a daily level. We’ve all heard about the issues associated with polar icecaps melting, plastic waste and marine debris which is harmful to marine life, but we don’t just read about it – we take action – and we would love for you to help us!

Clean Up The Reef Mermaids Dive CenterThis year our Annual Cleanup event will take place on October 5thand this will be our 12thannual cleanup. This is a huge event which we are extremely proud to host. In 2013 we had 384 people taking part and we hope that our 2019 event will be even bigger. More people means an even cleaner ocean environment!

And more for the younger generation.

In addition to our annual cleanup, throughout the month of September, we have a number of cleanups for International Schools in Bangkok and Pattaya to join (14th, 21stand 28th). Some of the prestigious schools that we are looking forward to welcoming to Mermaids include Bangkok Patana, Regents, Harrow and more. In 2014 we had over 300 students and teachers taking part in our International School Cleanups – so many that we needed to add extra days to our calendar – are you interested in your school joining? Contact us for more information about how to get involved.

As well as cleaning the ocean and beaches, our Annual Cleanup event is a great way to get involved in an activity that you love, meet new people and have a lot of fun while helping to strengthen our local community and making it a better place for everyone involved. Cleanups are also an exciting activity for kids, who will also learn about marine environments and the importance of protecting them – we hope that we will be creating some ocean ambassadors of the future along the way too.

 What Does the Cleanup Involve?
  • The price to join is 3,000 baht for divers and 1,300 baht for snorkelers.
  • We meet at Mermaids Jomtien at 8am for registration and breakfast (included)
  • You’ll receive an event t-shirt included in your registration fee
  • In the morning we cleanup underwater (scuba diving or snorkeling)
  • After lunch we head to the beach area and cleanup there too.
  • Lots of fun, a chance to meet new friends and help to make our oceans and beaches cleaner and healthier for all to enjoy.

DSCI0354womens day dive - International Clean Up The Reef/Beach Events in September 19Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Pattaya

Pattaya is home to stunning diving and snorkeling sites which we are visit on a daily basis. There is a wide array of marine life living in the region as well as vibrant, healthy corals. Have you tried diving in Pattaya yet? If you are already a certified diver, why not join us for some additional fun dives while you are here?

Not yet certified? Not a problem, at Mermaids Dive Center in Pattaya we offer the PADI Open Water Course which is your license to dive anywhere in the world and experience a lifetime of incredible travel opportunities.

So are you ready to dive into action and join us? For more information, or to reserve you place at either our annual cleanup or to enquire about international school days, contact us.

Our main objective is to gather and participate in an event that makes our local community a better place, provide an educational opportunity for volunteers and for everyone involved to learn more about our incredible local environment.

We hope you will join us!

Dive trips in Pattaya and Jomtien

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By Sheena Walls News