ISC Pattaya

ISC Pattaya Open Day Fair

Join in on the fun at the International School of Pattaya on Thursday 14th June at the ISC Pattaya’s inaugural ‘Open Day Fair’. Your Mermaids Dive Center Team will be there.

It’s a great way of bringing the school community together before school breaks up for the holidays. Join them from 1.30pm onwards and support our local community. It’s going to be a fun, carnival like day selling wares, food and lots of activities for the children.

ISC is blessed with a beautiful campus with plenty of green spaces and a great environment for learning that is designed with children in mind. At the core of everything they do at ISC, the emphasis has and will always be on children as reflected in their core statement “every child matters”. Every day is a chance to learn, to grow and every experience is a stepping stone to a better version of who we are.

To know more about ISC visit their web page

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By Sheena Walls News