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Mermaids Dive Center: Aqualung Partner Dive Center

Did you know that Mermaids Dive Center is an Aqualung Partner Center? Do you know that Aqualung’s Partner Centers have gone through an extensive selection process? And have to meet strict criteria in order to receive this prestigious title?

Aqualung Partner Center Mermaids Pattaya
Who and What is Aqualung?

The first ever “Aqua Lung” was invented in 1943 by the famous ‘father of SCUBA’ Jacques Cousteau and engineer friend Émile Gagnan. Their original Aqua Lung was the first ever regulator which allowed divers to bring air with them underwater. Prior to this monumental leap forwards in diving equipment, diving was undertaken in a diving suit. A metal “bell” helmet was supplied with air from the surface.

Then Aqua Lung made diving possible. Divers could move around independently without a hose connected to them. Therefore, they could go deeper underwater and stay for longer. The modern day name for the Aqua Lung is simply “Scuba”. Scuba diving had been born! Just like Jacques Cousteau in 1943, the modern day equipment manufacturer Aqualung continue to innovate and make the impossible possible.

Aqualung have expanded and diversified and now design, manufacture and retail. The big items of scuba diving equipment of regulators and BCD’s – through to masks, fins, wetsuits, booties, rash guards, dive computers and a huge range of accessories.

Why Choose Aqualung?

At Mermaids the two things that we value most are your safety and your comfort. Goals that are shared by Aqualung. Aqualung equipment is of the highest quality in the dive industry. That’s why it’s the choice brand for many diving professionals. Not only is it durable and long lasting, it’s also designed with comfort, style and practicality in mind. There are specific ranges for women, lightweight options designed for travelers, heavy duty for professionals and a children’s range too.

Aqualung understand that all divers are different. They come in different shapes and sizes and they have different needs and requirements. Just like when we teach PADI dive courses at Mermaids, we tailor our teaching methods to each student, and Aqualung provide options so you can tailor your gear to your needs and preferences too.

 What Does It Take to be an Aqualung Partner Center?

To become an Aqualung Partner Dive Center we have to meet certain criteria and we have to maintain these standards in order to keep our partnership status. Partnership status is only awarded to select dive centers that can meet the following requirements:

  • Up to date and well maintained rental equipment available in all sizes
  • Inspected and tested cylinders and valves
  • Factory trained repair technicians on site who can service Aqualung equipment
  • A friendly and qualified staff that will make your dive experience memorable.

At Mermaids we meet all of these requirements and more!

How do Divers at Mermaids Benefit from Diving with an Aqualung Partner Dive Center

When selecting rental gear for our visiting divers and students to use, Aqualung is an easy choice as their reputation for quality mirrors ours when it comes to having the highest standards of safety, comfort and suitability.

As part of our agreement with Agualung. We are committed to servicing and renewing all of our equipment on a regular basis. You can be assured that all of our rental gear is either recently purchased or recently serviced.  Old and worn kit is retired and renewed whenever necessary as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring you have access to the best possible equipment during your PADI courses or fun dives in Pattaya with us.

Mermaids Aqualung Partner Center Pattaya
Our Aqualung Equipment

Our current range of rental equipment includes Aqualung Calypso and Core regulators, and Aqualung Wave and Pro HD BCD’s with integrated weight systems. We have a wide range of fins and masks available to ensure the right size and fit for you. Are you planning on diving with your children or are your little ones keen to learn how to dive? Our range of gear starts from size XXS making it a perfect fit for even the smallest of junior divers!

Are you thinking of buying your own set of scuba gear? Why not TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!! Unlike most dive stores where you can only purchase gear, as an Aqualung Partner we have a selection of top Aqualung Products which you can try out in the water before deciding whether to make a purchase. This means that you get to experience the item, its fit and suitability for your needs during a dive without any commitment to buy it. Our try before you buy range includes:

  • Ladies BCD’s: Pearl, Soul and Zuma
  • Mens BCD’s: Axiom, Dimension, Rogue and Outlaw
  • Fins: a large selection is available to suit individual needs
  • Masks: a large selection is available to fit a variety of face shapes and sizes
  • Regulators: Aqualung Legend LX
Are You Diving with Your Own Aqualung Gear?

Great! If your gear is due a service or needs new o-rings or other replacement parts, look no further. Our Aqualung certified technician can service. Aqualung products as well as giving great advice about new items and product specifications.

So is it time for your next dives? Come and join us at Mermaids for fun diving in Pattaya. Our PADI 5 Star Dive Center teaches the full range of PADI Courses so whether you are new to diving and want to learn how to dive in Pattaya or are already certified and want to advance your skills, we have the right course for you!

For more information or to make a reservation, fill in our online contact form and we will get right back to you. We look forward to scuba diving in Pattaya with you soon!

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By Sheena Walls News