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Mermaids Diving Mail

Thanks for diving with the team at Mermaids Dive Center. We hope you have enjoyed all of our exciting dive trips and events so far in 2018.

We've had thrilling wreck drift dives on the Hardeep right up to our popular Koh Chang Wreck and Liveaboard trips away. No one is left out, we've always got diving or snorkeling for everyone of all ages to do.

Keep reading, we've got highlights of more exciting things coming up for you to join in on in 2018/9.

Nitrox training in Pattaya

The Hardeep Wreck located in Samaesan is one of our daily dive sites and probably the most popular with Advanced Divers.

Coming up on the 4th and 5th August 2018, we've got a Double Double Wreck Weekend with 2 dives on the Hardeep (Samaesan) and then 2 dives on the HTMS Khram (Pattaya) the next day.

Do your fun dives on Air or Nitrox, the choice is yours. It's also the perfect time to fit a PADI course in and we've got some great offers on the PADI Nitrox and PADI Wreck Specialties.

Hardeep Wreck Every Day

The currents are in a twist on Saturday 12th August and it’s prefect drifting conditions onto the Hardeep Wreck.

Spend the morning dive with a nice easy descent down the line onto the Hardeep and explore inside and out. In the afternoon we’ll drop in and drift towards the Hardeep and hit the wreck. Itching to do a night dive on the Hardeep? It’s happening on the 25th August.

Don’t miss out on any of our current and upcoming events. Check out our Facebook event page for all the details or join our Mermaids Trips page

Pattaya Marine Life

Did you know that you can now buy dive packages from 5 to 25 days at a time. Saves you a lot of money and you can use it for fun dives on any of our day trips in Pattaya or Samaesan. Dive packages can be shared with your friends too and gift vouchers are available to buy. Choose your package today

Mermaids Cleanup days

We have always cared about our local environment and this year is no exception. Mermaids are celebrating 11 years of the Cleaning Up the Reef and Beach at our local Island of Koh Sak. Trash is a major issue in the oceans and on the reefs, it affects marine life drastically and we are happy to get to grips with it. We’ve picked up Tonnes of rubbish, but there’s always more where that came from.

There’s 2 Inter School Days happening on Saturday 8th and Saturday 15th September. We would like to welcome back our regular International Schools and encourage all schools are to join in. It contributes to your community service. Our Open Day is for any diver and snorkeler to join in will be Saturday 6th October 2018. We’ve got our safety speed boat out, so if you are a non swimmer who just wants to clean up the Beach, you can do it too.

All days have breakfast and lunch included and there’s a wrap up BBQ on the evening of Saturday 6th October. Please help us make a difference and contact sheena@mermaidsdivecenter.com for more info, prices for the day and to make bookings.

Koh Chang Wreck trip

We’ve got the Koh Chang Wreck Lovers Weekend on 16th, 17th and 18th November 2018 and we are also working on the dates for the Similans Liveaboard Trip in April 2019. Our Saturday BBQ’s are linked to a day trip for you to enjoy social time with us. Make sure you keep up to date by joining our new trip group.

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