Mermaids International Clean Up Day 8th September 2018

Mermaids International Clean Up Day 8th September 2018

It’s our 11th year of Mermaids International Clean Up Days and we completed Day 1 of 3 with the 4th Annual Inter Schools Day on Saturday 8th September 2018. With 120 participants involved from transport and cooking breakfast to diving and snorkeling, we are proud of everyone’s efforts involved to clean our adopted Island of Koh Sak.

The Mermaids Dive and Snorkel crew started their clean up day at the center at 7am on Saturday, getting ready for the volunteers arriving. Without our volunteers, these clean up day wouldn’t be possible and we would like to thank the team from Regents International School, Pattaya and all our Instructors and Divemasters for making their journeies to us for the day.

Participants from Bangkok Patana School located in Bangkok arrived, registered and collected their T Shirts. After checking all equipment, they were soon tucking into their bacon and egg rolls. We feed our trash warriors well throughout the day to keep up their energy. Bangkok Patana are very environmentally focused and have taken part in the clean up days for several years.

Harrow International School located in Bangkok were next to arrive with our youngest cleaners in the team and throughout the day, these little cleaner uppers were non stop action and collecting everything in sight from the beach at Koh Sak. It just shows you can never be to young or too old to joining on these days. There’s always something for everyone to do.

ISB School located in Bangkok arrived next with their large team of divers including the ISB Panthers of which some of them were joining us for the 3rd year running. Thank you ISB, your environmental commitment is appreciated by all. The ISB Snorkelers were very active in the beach and had a great day cleaning. Fun was on the agenda at lunchtime for ISB and take a peek at the video to see why.

We headed down to Bali Hai Pier to board the boats and headed out to Koh Sak. Whilst on board everyone had a Project AWARE Briefing, discussed our aims for the day and we took it up a notch and got on board with Project AWARE’s “Adopt A Dive Site” program and made Koh Sak the location for our monthly clean ups be it beach and/or underwater.

Snorkelers hit the beach on arrival and started cleaning. Divers went in the water and carried out their cleaning dives. After a well deserved lunch, everyone went back in the water or to the beach and cleared up more trash. we transported all the trash back to Mermaids boat via our Safety Speedboat in order fort to be disposed of correctly.

We estimated that 100kg’s was taken off the beach alone with the majority being plastic drink bottles. There was a number of shoes collected and a lot of plastic straws. Unfortunately, we also found a dead seahorse. Underwater cleaning yielded another 30kg’s and was mainly glass bottles. Unusual items were the intact large lightbulb, motorbike seat and our all time favorite – playing cards.

Thank you to everyone who took part, especially the Mermaids Team who work tirelessly for weeks making this day possible for everyone. #mermaidsteamrocks #padi #projectaware #saynototrash


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By Vladimir News