Pattaya Diving Mermaids

Pattaya Past and Present

Thailand is affectionally known as “The Land of Smiles”. Thailand is a must-see tourist destination and offers a wide range of uniqueness around every corner. Varying landscapes from the mountains in the north to the tropical beaches in the south. Each city presenting the local culture in a distinct way. A place that is at the top of the list, a city like no other, is Pattaya.

If you were to have visited Pattaya city 5 decades ago you would have found yourself in a small fishing village. However, during the Vietnam War, foreign countries used the surrounding areas as forward operating bases. These bases were filled with soldiers in need of some hard-earned R&R and over time, more and more would visit this village giving birth to the bustling city it is today.

The beautiful beaches and close by islands in the area have made Pattaya a popular diving destination for over 30 years! The local environments provide a vast coral population which of course brings all the wonders of the sea with it. Pattaya is also famous for the wreck diving. Offering 4 large wrecks that allow for diverse training. 

Even though the diving here is top notch, the city has so much to offer on the days spent out of the water. The area is filled with temples and traditional thai restaurants when you want to explore a bit of the local culture. For those days you are missing home, Pattaya has you covered with a vast number of western restaurants and shopping malls to help you curb the home sickness. When the sun goes down the city transforms into an energetic hot spot with good music, cold drinks and great fun. All of these elements combined create the ideal setting for an experience visitors won’t soon forget!

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By Sheena Walls News