3,000 Baht + Nitrox

August 10, 2019 Drift onto the Hardeep & Bomb Run

Are you ready to do it? The drift dive will start about 300-400m away from the wreck. This is where the hunt begins and no competition between the dive guides but are they going to find it for you. Nitrox is required.

2nd dive is a bomb run in the afternoon, again are you ready for this? Nitrox is required.

Normal diving rate applies and dive packages can be used on the day. Special offer on Nitrox at 500 baht for2 tanks.

Sorry, Advanced Divers only due to skill level required.

PRIZE FOR THE TEAM THAT FINDS THE MOST BOMBS (photo evidence is required)

Hardeep Wreck
Bomb Run

Limited spaces available, please contact Terry Wilkins or Malai Ketjae to make your booking.

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