1,800 Baht

July 20, 2019 PADI Women’s Dive Day

It’s time for the ladies to take over the Mermaids 4 dive boat out to the Pattaya Islands. We can dive or discover diving or snorkel. We can suntan, we can talk hair and we can do whatever we want, even sit on the boat for the day and relax.

Mermaids Dive Center
Special Prices

The PADI Annual Women’s Dive Day is about us, to celebrate our passion and adventure for the ocean.

As it’s our day to relax, the Mermen will be taking good care of us Mermaids and arranging everything we need. Lunch is provided and feel free to bring along some beverages for after diving.

We’ve also got a special deal for our ladies on this day.

  • Diving at 1,800 baht pp
  • Discover Diving at 2,900 baht pp
  • Snorkel or relax on the boat @ 800 baht pp

We will reluctantly let Mermen join, as long as they stick to the rules :) :) :)

So who’s in? contact Sheena to book or email sheena@mermaidsdivecenter.com

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