3,000 Baht

March 16, 2019 Two Drift Dives

We have some good currents to play with on this day. Starting in the South West bay of Koh Man Wichai, we will drift down the ridge where there is a good chance of finding shoaling Barracuda and some good sized Rays. Also to be found are the elusive Bamboo sharks hiding along the way. Then we come to the stunning wall, a good place to find nudibranch and Bubble coral. Ending up into the bay and a good chance to see Cuttlefish, Giant Pufferfish and Turtles. Of course, beautiful corals can be found along the way during the whole dive.

Koh Man Wichai
2 Drift Dives

After dive one we have an awesome lunch and some time to relax.

Dive two will give you a second chance to find any critters missed on dive one.

Once back at the shop, join us for the Mermaids BBQ. Bring your drinks, all food supplied.

PADI Drift Diving Specialty is available on this day. Contact Terry for details: https://www.facebook.com/terry.wilkins.9

3,000 baht per person including equipment or 2,500 baht if you have your own. Diving packages can be used.

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