3,000 Baht

May 19, 2018 Drift Diving the Hardeep Wreck

Hardeep Wreck

The first dive of the day we will be drift diving from the Hardeep wreck to Koh Rong Khon. The currents are looking good for an exciting dive. It will be a hard pull down the line but once at the bottom, the fun will start. It is a great drift dive with the speed picking up as we approach the point of the island.

For dive two we will drop into the water south of the wreck and try find the Hardeep as we drift along at a relaxed speed.

If you are an Advanced diver and want to learn more about drift diving, we will be running the PADI Drift specialty on this day.

Come and join us, these are my favorite drift dives in the area.

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