3,000 Baht

November 10, 2018 Two dives on the Bremen Wreck

Come and join us for two dives on the Bremen wreck. Leaving from Samaesan, we will aim for two dives on the wreck.

Bremen Wreck
2 Wreck Dives

The Bremen was sunk in 1920 and today is sitting on the seabed at around 24 meters. Covered in corals and full of life, this is a great dive to add to your logbook. The wreck is located between Pattaya and Samaesan. Due to the depth, at least PADI Advanced Open Water divers are allowed on this trip.

Due to its position, the wreck is subject to strong currents and is rarely dived. We should have slack currents on the day so it will be great opportunity to explore this site.

3,000 baht per person including equipment or 2,500 baht if you have your own. Diving packages can be used.

To extend your dive time, Nitrox is available for 300 Baht/cylinder

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