3,000 Baht

October 28, 2018 2 Dives on Hin Chalam Island

We are going to to have two fantastic dives on the Pattaya Island of Hin Chalam!

Hin Chalam
Best Place to Dive

Often with over 15 meters viability, this is a great dive site to explore.

On the northern point of Hin Chalam, large shoals of fish can hide the coral from sight, Nudibranch, Giant Pufferfish, Barracudas, Turtles, Cuttlefish are just a few of the things to see here.

There is a small cavern which can house some large Rays and Cobia. Keep your eyes peeled for the Whaleshark!

3,000 baht per person including equipment or 2,500 baht if you have your own. Diving packages can be used.

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