3,000 Baht

October 6, 2018 11th Int’l. Clean Up The Reef Day

Koh Sak
Open for all!

Join us for our closing day of the International Clean Up The Reef Days. This is our 11th Year of cleaning up the Reef and Beach of Koh Sak. We love these days and it’s a great opportunity for everyone of all ages to give something back to our environment.

Divers clean up Underwater on the Reef and Sandy areas with 2 dives and snorkelers do the reef and beach. If you are a non swimmer, don’t worry, we will take you to the beach on our safety speedboat.

Start time is 8am at Mermaids Dive Center with breakfast and then head out on the boats to the island of Koh Sak. Lunch is also included as well as an event T Shirt.

It’s 3,000 baht for divers and 1,300 baht for snorkelers or beach cleaners to take part. We’ll be having a BBQ back at the center for those who can stay on.

Contact sheena@mermaidsdivecenter.com for further info if you would like to join this event.

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