3,000 Baht

September 22, 2018 Night Dive at Koh Sak Island

Koh Sak
Kids Friendly

Catch the Octopus in action with a late afternoon dive and a night dive on the local island of Koh Sak. We head down to Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya at 3pm from Mermaids, giving you the chance to relax on the morning and spend your afternoon/night searching for critters.

This island has everything, from sand to corals and is perfect for spotting Sea Horses, Nemo’s, Cuttlefish, Turtles and more.

3,000 baht per person if you need equipment or 2,500 baht if you have your own. Torches are available to rent at 250 baht each. Diving packages can be used.

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