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Reef Conservation with Bangkok Patana School

Reef Conservation is a big part of our diving life here at Mermaids and beyond our Clean Up the Beaches and Reefs efforts we have been working with Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok since 2012 in creating artificial reefs down in Samaesan.

This trip saw an exciting new location found, new structures being placed and some amazing coral transplanting happening. We are helping to grow the coral areas in Samaesan and monitoring the growth and happenings in the area on a regular basis. This helps students of all ages  to understand what can affect our underwater world and how eco systems work.

The students build their structures at school under the guidance of their Marine Biologist on staff. Then they dedicate their free time on a weekend to come and place the structures in the ocean. It’s a great way for the younger generation to be hands on and involved in Red Conservation and we want to thank you Patana Marine Conservation Group, you are amazing and dedicated divers.

If you would like to be involved in our projects or start your own, let us know.

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By Sheena Walls News