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Regents International School Primary Round Square Week 2018

Today wraps up an amazing week with Regents International School Pattaya with the primary school students snorkeling with us for their round square program. Starting Tuesday with a pool session teaching them how to snorkel safely and getting them familiar with the equipment so that they would be ready for three days of oceanic adventure! Bright and early on Wednesday we met at at the boat with everyone bouncing around with excitement to venture out onto the open sea. After about 40 minutes on the boat we finally got to the snorkeling site, and the kids could barely contain their excitement.

Once the anchor was dropped and the boat had settled, the kids went downstairs to the wet deck to get their fins and masks and snorkels on so that they would be ready to hop on into the water. Once my group is ready to go I hopped in the water and inflated my SMB which got dubbed the banana bus for my team to have something to hold onto (Haha get it? Because the SMB is long and yellow like a banana, it’s funny I promise!).

After snorkeling around for about 45 minutes and screaming at everything that looked like it might be a jellyfish it was time to eat. Fried chicken, french fries (aka chips for you weirdos that call them that), curry, watermelon, and so much more was served every day, and as always it was all delicious. After everyone was all finished up eating, it was time to play! Those that wanted to go snorkeling again went, and everyone who just wanted to play in the water around the boat did that. There were even some kids brave enough to leap from the dry deck! Cannon balling, throwing a twist in there, or just screaming as loud as they could on the way down, not one of the kids who jumped was back upstairs in line faster then it took them to hit the water.

Once it was time to head back home we web rough everyone upstairs and had a competition to see who had the most fun, whoever was the loudest was decided to be the one who had the best day. Once that was decided we would have a chat with the students and talk to them about the environment that they were in whilst snorkeling and what they saw and what they could do to help make the oceans cleaner. The kids decided that the best place to start was to stop taking as many straws and plastic bags from places like 7-11 since turtles get bags confused with the jellyfish that they normally eat.

These trips with the younger kids from the schools are always the most fun simply because of how excited the kids get, and how much they care about the environment and the underwater ecosystem. I even had some of the kids ask me if target could take plastic bottles to recycle and do crafts with! How awesome is that? With kids like these around, I’m confident that the future is safe!

written by Elias Carey

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