Regents International School Secondary Round Square Week 2018

This week wraps up round two of Round Square Weeks with Regents International School Pattaya.

This week we had a group a bit older and instead of snorkeling, they were all getting certified to dive at different levels! We had a whopping 14 PADI Open Water Students, 9 PADI Advanced Open Water Students, and I was put in charge of the PADI Rescue Student (that’s right I was in charge of you Ms. Van)!

We started strong on Monday in the classroom watching the rescue and emergency first responder videos, taking some quizzes and then some exams. Then it got to the more practical application of the skills that were discussed in the video. I may or may not have made it just a little more intense then it needed to be, having my student bandage a “cut” on my leg, then all of a sudden Bob the CPR dummy went into cardiac arrest, and then boom, the baby CPR dummy was choking! She did a remarkable job of handling all that I threw at her and thus ended day one of Round Square, and her PADI rescue course!

Up next, the pool. This is where I get to have some fun and play dead, or play panicked, and sometimes I was just tired. As the PADI Open Water Courses was running in the pool, we just ran through some of the bigger skills to prepare for the day in the ocean coming up. It was nice practicing tired diver tows because I just got to lay back and relax as I slowly drifted around the pool as I was getting pulled around. This has to be one of my favorite skills to teach.

Day 3 is Ocean Time. After meeting at the shop at “to-early o’clock” we hopped on the minibus and started on our way to the pier so we could get to the training! Day one of the ocean was a very busy time, we made it a goal to finish ALL of the rescue exercises so that on day two we would only have the scenarios to do, and guess what? We totally nailed it! Much like the pool, most of what I did was pretended to panic, acted like I was really tired, or I would just play dead. After a detailed briefing on how to do each skill, my student hit the nail on the head for each one. She even accounted for the water movement when searching for a missing diver! From calming me down in a panic, to surfacing me when I was unresponsive under water, to getting me out of my diving equipment whilst giving rescue breaths, everything went really really well!

On to day 4, the last day of the course. Since we got all of the skills done on day 3, today was fairly easy. All it was, was putting together everything that she learned into one big scenario, broken up into two sections. I “lost my buddy” and was interviewed to get all of the information necessary for her to find my buddy (which was a weight belt sitting on the sand). Once she was happy with the information she jumped right in and began the search. Once she found the weight belt, I took its place, and she surfaced me as if I were an unresponsive diver, and went through the procedures if that were to happen. It all went really smooth on the first dive, so after that we were finished and got to fun dive for the second dive of the day!

Day 5 of Round Square week, most of the students were done with their courses, and it was time to part ways with my student so that she could go get pictures of the other groups. So I took two young men fun diving for the day and had a blast! Sure I may or may not have gotten stung by a jellyfish, but who cares, the week was too good for that to bring me down!

Congratulations to all the Students and Teachers from Regents International School Pattaya who took part in the Round Square Week. Mermaids Dive Center are always proud to be a part of this program.

Written by Elias Carey, PADI Instructor

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