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Spotlight on Koh Sak Island

Here at Mermaids Dive Center, one of our dive boats, Mermaids 4, is located at Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya. From this pier, we have access to dive the islands neighboring the city. Islands such as Koh Larn and Koh Phi are just a few of the locations that provide an abundance of marine life to be enjoyed. Another island we frequently visit is the island of Koh Sak. Koh Sak is an island about five kilometers from the city of Pattaya and about 600 meters from the bigger island of Koh Larn. As anyone who has been diving at this small crescent shaped island will confirm that at the surface, Koh Sak is a very busy tourist destination crowded with water crafts. However, those divers will also contest to the beautiful and diverse marine life that lie in the depths below.

One of the many interesting critters that are spotted frequently in the area are Seahorses. As we all know, seahorses are among the most sought out creatures every diver wants to cross off their bucket list. The bizarre yet fascinating Seahorse can be found clinging on to pencil sea urchins or debris with their tails. Most typically seen while combing the sandy bottom. An interesting fact about the seahorse is that it is one of the few creatures in the animal kingdom where the male actually gives birth to live young instead of the female.

Next on the list is the captivating octopus. Those of you whom have seen an octopus in action already know just how unique this alien like creatures really are. Octopus in this area are typically found hiding inside abandoned shells and even bottles or cans. These soft bodied little guys often will not only use these items as a home, but also as a shield against predators. Usually only a few tentacles and the eyes can be seen poking out of their make shift bunkers. If you are fortunate enough to hang out with one, you will notice that the octopus is not only able to change colors to blind in with its surroundings, but is also able to complete change the actual texture of their skin to mimic the environment.

These two animals are just a few of many different species of marine life to be seen at the Island of Koh Sak. It is also common to see things such as turtles, stingrays, scorpion fish and so much more. At this diving location it is very important to keep your eyes open and be patient. If you follow these rules, the limit on the sea life you will encounter is limitless!

Koh Sak comes to life at night, watch all the amazing marine life predators and prey in action. We are running our Koh Sak night dive on Saturday 22nd September with a late afternoon dive and a night dive. We will head down to Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya at 3pm from Mermaids, giving you the chance to relax on the morning and spend your afternoon/night searching for octopus and seahorses.

3,000 baht per person if you need equipment or 2,500 baht if you have your own. Torches are available to rent at 250 baht each. Diving packages can be used. See our Facebook event Night Dive At Koh Sak Island to make your booking.

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By Vladimir News