Digital Photography underwater

Taking Pics Underwater

Photography is more than just pointing and shooting. Photography is about capturing more than just a moment. It’s about capturing an emotion. An emotion either felt by the viewer or displayed by the content. Sometimes it can may be about capturing in an environment not everyone can physically go and see for themselves, on the peak of Everest for example or from the window of a space shuttle.

As divers, we witness some of the most captivating and mesmerizing products of nature. Many people may never get the pleasure of viewing these first hand. As an underwater photographer, we can say that it brings us great pride and joy sharing these moments.

Underwater photography is one of the most rewarding skills found in the diving community. Some photographers enjoy taking photos of large marine life such as manta rays or turtles. Others specialize in “macro photography”. Which means taking photos close up to things such as nudi branch or cleaner shrimp. This style is a favorite amongst divers as it’s a skill of not only being able to find these small creatures, but to capture them in a photo and wear it as a badge of honor amongst macro enthusiast.

Being able to master this skill not only takes time. It also requires the correct type of environment. We are very fortunate to be in Pattaya as the local ecosystems are teaming with macro life. Photographing nature is always the easiest. Especially when dealing with fast moving creatures. A wide variety of nubi branch and sea slugs make for easy practice because of how slow they are. This provides for an ample amount of time to practice really honing your skills as an underwater photographer.

If you are interested in underwater photography, the PADI Digital Photography Course is the one for you. Join our Specialty Instructors to learn how to get that perfect shot.

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By Sheena Walls News