Mermaids Dive Center Trash Clean Up 2019

Trash Clean Up From Our Reef 5th October 2019

Our 4th Trash Clean up from Our Reef

This week marks our another Trash Clean Up from our reef for International Clean Up Day 2019. Our 12th Annual Clean Up Day overall. This week it was YOU that joined us! We had such a wonderful day and it’s always nice to welcome back old faces to Thailand, as well as welcome new ones to the Pattaya Community!

Clean Up Time After enjoying some breakfast and socialising, hosted here at Mermaids Dive Center, it was time to head off to Bali Hai Pier to get on the boat. And to head out to our adopted dive site of Koh Sak to begin the Beach Clean Up!

This week we had several teams consisting of both snorkelers and divers.

After enjoying a spot of snorkeling and removal of trash from the immediate environment, the first team headed straight to the beach to continue the clean up on land.

Yes, even in our fourth week there is still so much more to be removed!

Scuba Diving The Reef

Our Scuba Diving teams carried out the Underwater Clean Up, collecting waste in the surrounding areas whilst observing the beautiful, natural marine life – including a few 3inch seahorses! (Not everybody is lucky enough to spot these magnificent creatures, so it’s always a pleasure when we do!)

Once the Scuba Diving teams returned from their first dive, it was then also time for our snorkeling/beach cleaning team to head back to the boat for yet another awesome lunch prepared by our on-board cooks. Most also took this an opportune moment to enjoy some relaxation, grab a photo or 2 before delving straight back into the action.

mermaids divers pattaya trash clean

How did we do?

This week we collected over 250kg of trash with polystyrene, cigarette butts and plastic items being the most common offenders.

This week’s clean up day coincided with our popular Saturday Social BBQ. Here at Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya, which we host once a month. Not only does everybody get to talk about their day of diving but, also get to enjoy a BBQ supplied by us! That’s lunch and dinner sorted in one day! The BBQ made for a well deserved ending to such a great day for an amazing cause.

A huge thank you from us here at Mermaids, to 51 of you who joined us this week for all your hard work and efforts. We hope to see you all again soon!

What have we done so far?

Mermaids Dive Center International Clean Up Days 2019

Dive with us too, here’s where we go. We go diving everyday at Samaesan or Pattaya.

Look at our full photo album from the day at our  Mermaids Facebook Page.

Written by: Jade Louise Hollier

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