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We Serve The Best Lunch On The Boat Ever

The secret recipe to the food served on the Mermaids Boats

Our cookies on the boats love what they do and every person that has dived with Mermaids will agree and absolutely loves the fried chicken. So what is the secret to this delicious tasting chicken? We tried to find out by quizzing Mermaids 1 and then Mermaids 4.

They both said the same thing. The chicken is normal chicken, so we assume it must be the coating that holds all the secrets. We’ve had multiple people asking for the recipe and we just get the same reply, its normal batter or crumbs and a few spices. We disagree as no-one can quite make Fried Chicken like our Cookies Lela and Ying. We’ve even had comments that it tastes better than KFC.

Our boat food is delicious and there’s always plenty to go around to feed our hungry divers and for some of us who want second helpings. Couple this with the Fresh Fruit served throughout the day, no one goes away hungry. All you need to do to experience the food, is go diving.

Food isn’t just served on the boats

Once a month we have a Saturday Social BBQ. Dive with us during the day and then stay at the center for food from the grill by Vlad, salads and delicious platters of food by Malai and her team. This is also a great way to meet new people and experience the pleasure of having lunch and dinner provided to you in one day. Saves cooking and washing up at home. Brig your own drinks, we provide everything’s else.

Keep an eye on our facebook page for our BBQ events and anything else that we are hosting.

Thanks to our Cookies on Mermaids 1 and Mermaids 4, they are amazing and deserve a huge thanks from us all.

See you out on the boats for diving and great times.

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By Sheena Walls News