EFR Course 1st Aid CPR

Why 1st Aid and CPR Courses are important

Have you ever seen an accident and thought “I wouldn’t know where to start in helping this situation…”? Accidents can be avoided by putting safety above all else. However, sometimes putting safety first doesn’t mean that something can go wrong either at the work place, on vacation, or even at home.

Being prepared and trained for these sometimes unavoidable situations is best way you can help. Here at Mermaids Dive Center, one of the none diving courses is the Emergency First Response: Primary and Secondary course and the Emergency First Response: Care for Children. The Emergency First Response courses are extremely valuable courses for anyone to take. EFR offers general knowledge about the steps that should be taken in an emergency situation to result in the best possible outcome.

There are two main sections to these courses. Primary Care and Secondary Care. The Primary Care lessons are about helping a victim with life threating emergencies such as heart attack or choking. In Primary Care you learn how to administer CPR and when it is an appropriate action to take. The Secondary Care section teaches you how to administer first aid to less life-threatening injuries such as cuts and broken or dislocated bones.

The EFR: Care for Children Course shows you the approach and techniques you need to use when dealing with an injured child or infant. Also highlighted in this course is the techniques for a choking child and infant.  

So whether you are a diver, teacher, or a stay at home parent, the internationally recognized Emergency First Response courses we offer are a priceless tool for everyone. 1st Aid and CPR is also a pre requisite to enroll on the PADI Rescue Diver Course. During this course, you will learn about how to recognize signs of diver stress and more. 

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By Sheena Walls News